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Who Am I?
My name is Kayla Marie. I live in Canada. I love ballet, synchro, singing, acting, soccer, football, skating, hockey and pretty much all sports.(volleyball, basketball etc!). I love talking on the phone and going on the internet. This is my first web page EVER! I hope it will do good and that your people out there will like it. Well please visit my site again!

(pronounced k-lah!)

Why I decided to make a web page.
Every time I used to see a web site It was always missing information or good pictures, so I decided to make a website. I have pictures and lots of info.
Also I put my e-mail on this site so If I am missing info or if you know where to find good pictures, you can e-mail me and tell me where to get them so that I can put them on my site for even more people to see. Also on lots of websites they were always missing a celebritie I loved, so on my site you can e-mail me, tell me who your star is and what movie or show they have been in and I will make sure they get a spot on my site. hope you have fun!

I have many more photo pages coming so dont worry if I dont have many pictures at the moment.


My other site totally dedicated to Rollo!