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Rollo's page!

This is Rollo Weeks page!
This Page is all dedicated to Rollo Weeks!
It has parts of his biography, Filmography and pictures of different movies hes been in

Little Vampire!
Rollo is born on March 20th 1987. He was born in Chichester West Sussex UK. He lives there at the moment also.

Only Child?
No. Rollo is the baby of the Family. His oldest sister is Honeysuckle. she is in her 20's. She is an actor. His second oldest sister is Perdita. She is about 18-19. She is also an actor.His parents are Susan and Robin. Rollo has been acting since the age of two.
Acting in what?
He was in commercials for domestos, tesco, fox's biscuit, calpol and persil. He was also on television starring in Goggle Eyes, It Might be you and Berkerly Square where he played Lord Louis Wilton in 1998. The movies he played in were "The Little Vampire" in 2000 where he played Rudolph Sackville-Baggs, "Attila the Hun" in 2001 where he played young Attila, "The Lost Prince" Which is heard to be made in 2003 where he played Prince George and he is also in " George and the Dragon" which is set to come out this year. He plays Wryn.
He enjoys skateboarding when he is not acting or has a break. His favorite food is pizza! (I love pizza!)Filming "The Little Vampire" Gave him sleepless nights.
Did you know?
In the movie "The Little Vampire" Rollo is supposed to play a 9 year old vampire when really while shooting he was 13!
More Facts
Rollo is named after a viking that was in his family. His name means famous wolf. Rollo's zodiac sign is Pisces. Rollo's school is named Stow for Boys.
Here is a picture of Rollo in "Attila the hun". (I love this picture!)
What is Attila?
Attila was a hun. When most of his people were killed he took over the hun army with his brother Bleda. Eventually he killed Bleda and ruled the huns. He became the most feared warrior of the time.
Where was Attila.
Attila was a television movie, but the dvd and vhs are now available to the public.I wanna see it really badly!
Ain't this cool?
I thought this was an awsome picture! I tried to save one picture but it saved the whole thing. Although...I think its better this way!
Isn't this just the cuttest picture. Although this picture is probably from the scene where Attila's people are being killed so this picture is also very sad!
I really like this picture
I really like this picture! Its like Attila is calling out"EAT ME!". He has such a determined look! Rollo is such a great actor. Unexplainable!
I love this picture!
The first time I saw the movie "The little Vampire" I thuoght this would make a great photo and when I found out it was a photto I was estatic! I loved this picture from the moment I saw it!
The Little Vampire
It took me quite a long time to find this picture! There where all different types of movie poster. Different pictures, different shades and when I saw this one I knew it was perfect! I wanted it and here it is!

End of Rollo's page! Awww! Too bad!